Beaches near God's Grace Guesthouse

Quiet Talpona beach is at walking distance (10min). Every half hour a public transport bus is running from God's Grace Guesthouse to the virtually deserted Galjibag beach (a 20 minute walk).

Lively beaches

We are on the south (left) bank of the river. To the north of River Talpona are several lively beaches. These beaches can be reached by crossing the small 'short-cut' bridge.

  1. Patnem
  2. Colomb
  3. Palolem

Quiet beaches

  1. Talpona
  2. Galjibag

Other beaches

  1. Agonda beach is about 10 km north of Palolem
  2. Polem beach is south of Galjibag beach and river

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