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Ximir Village and Beach Map in Goa

Ximir Village and Beach Map

Simir high lights
Simir map
My favourite shacks in the area are Johnny's Mama Cecilia's (posh, helpful and well stocked) and Martha's (excellent pasta's and Italian coffees).

At the moment (nov. 2007) Halexpa (or simply 'Alex') is the favourite hang-out with Pidu's across the road as the routine-breaking alternative. Close by Cuckoo's zen garden above Mama Cecilia's bar and shop offers far east fair; go to Mama for booze, smokes and groceries.

Harmony, Quincy's and Concy's are the favourite restaurants of the charter tourists staying in the Sonesta.

Other eating and drinking options, there are plenty: from beach night BBQ's to lazy socializing in Bob's Inn.

For a read go to the shop run by the always friendly Mathilda and Michael next to Quincy's: they rent out books for 5 rupees a day. Mama Cecilia's beach shack also as a collection of books to read at the beach.

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