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Ximir Village and Beach Info in Goa

Ximir Village and Beach Info

See also XIMM (Ximir village map). Ximir (pronounced as Sea-Me-r, sometimes spelled as Simir) village is located between hectic Calangute and frantic Candolim just off the main road across Bob's inn, Ximir (meaning: border) offers an oases of piece and quiet in Goa's most crowded tourist area. The fishermen of yesteryears now rent out budget rooms and run small bar-cum-restaurants and beach shacks.

Landmarks in this area are the Sonesta Inn and the Banyan tree, where the entry road splits into three, each running to the beach. The area is extremely laid back and its visitors are mainly long stayers in their forties and fifties, enjoying their drinks and smokes and telling interesting tales about the bohemian life. To get there take a taxi to Bob's Inn or Sonesta inn, or simply drop of from the Calangute-Panjim bus at the bus stand between David Air and Bob's inn. To get away, take a taxi from the taxi stand in front of the Sonesta.

Many rooms (home stay, or semi home stay) are available, just ask around. Mama Cecilia bar and shop has about ten rooms for rent. Pinto's and Di Mello's are the -more expensive- alternatives. The overpriced Sonesta Inn has AC-rooms, a swimming pool and a nice garden.

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