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Close Encounter with the Goa Police (dips: 2007-10-18)

Took the bitch to the "Stone House" a restaurant, bar and life music place between Candolim and Sinquerim. Never been there before and it turns out to be nice and spacious and I enjoy Santana in life concert on a mega flat screen. And what's more: the food is really excellent. Beautifull greek salad with paneer and a very nice fried rice; not oily and very tasty. So, al in all its is great evening and we stay till after twelfe. When the bill comes I discover I'm out of money. So I rush to the SBI (State Bank of India) ATM closeby. The machine trows up the 2500 rupies and quite happy - smoking a joint - i'll walk back to the road where my bullet is still running.

Then shit happens. Two asshole police man are waiting for me and I just know: this means f**kng trouble.
"What are you smoking?"
"I'm just smoking a Panama, baba" - throwing the joint down and forcefully extinguishing it with my left foot
"You are smoking grass?"
"No, baba, no, just a Panama, baba"
The fucker starts - like 15 years ago in Seragunda, the Gambia - the ashole starts searching and digging and comes up with a miscule residu of my fun smoke: " this is ganja, you come with us to the police station"
"Come on baba, kitle zai? - what do you want?"
"No, no you come"
"Baba listen, i have tyo pay my bill at the Stonehouse and my girlfriend is there waiting for me"
"No, no you just come"
"You know" - turning the Enfield off and locking it up - you know, I'm first going to pay my bill and tell my girl friend; afters I'll come with you to the station" - and I'm off walking back to the restaurant, very, very exicited.

Bridget, seeing me coming, walking without the bike: "What happened, where is the bike?"
"I'll explain later, let's pay the bill and go"
Two coktails she had, though - and the inhibitions are gone, so I know anything can happen now.
"What happened?"
"Police came" - I whisper - "I was smoking, nah"
We just pay the bill but Chris - the owner - smells something, so I explain what happened of course leaving the smoking drugz out. He goes outside - where the cops happen to be, talks to them and comes back.`
"where you smoking? - They say you were smoking Ganja and that the found the sigaret. Is that correct?"
"Yes chris, that's correct; excuse me the small lie; you understand nah"
"That is bad, dikkie"
"So what to do now"
"Just walk back and have some small cash ready - a few hundred rupees or so"
And that we do.

I start the Bullet - because I don't want her to spoil things in my dealing with the police, Bridget walks a shortcut; I will pick her up near by. When I start riding, I discover the tire went flat.

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