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Books, Newspapers and Publications

Books, Newspapers and Publications

Atlas and Maps

Road Atlas of India
"Road Atlas of India"
A Good Earth Publication; published by Eicher Goodearth LTD in strategic alliance with Survey of India; New Delhi 2006
ISBN 81-8778031-2
See also MAPS (Maps of India and Goa)

Books: Cultural History Books

Goa, Yesterday and Today
C.M. Estibeiro: "Goa, Yessterday and Today; A Historic Documentation Supported by Visuals"
Publication supported by government of Goa, 2004
Books: Travel / Tourist Books

The Best of Goa; Tourist Guidebook
"The Best of Goa; Tourist Guidebook"
Gurney House Media; New Delhi, 2005

Lonely Planet; 2003
ISBN 1-74059-139-9
Lonely Planet Site

Times Goa Guide
"Times Goa Guide"
Bennett, Coleman & Co LTD; New Delhi, 2006

Outlook Travel Guide to Goa

Books: Reference and Language Books

Penguin India Refrence Yearbook
"Penguin India Refrence Yearbook" by Derek O'Brien
Penguin Books India; New Delhi, 2007
ISBN 10: 0-14310-087-4

Books: Konkani

There are several shitty - easily available in all tourist hot spots - compact guides promising you to learn the "real" konkani fast and easily. Forget it. These leaflet-like introductions are of no use. I showed the locals, educated locals, and all came to single conclusion: bull shit, this has nothing to do with Konkani.

What do do? I don't pick up a language for free, easily. I'm not a nightingale. I need a grammar and a few hundred basic words. Maybe then, I'm going to pick up from conversation. Searching, wandering, everywhere: ask the better Goan bookshops, ask all locals I know, do the google. Finally my quest yields some serious books on konkani. From Where? From Amazon.! Great shop.

English-Konkani Ponouncing Pocket Dictionary
Pinto J.M., "An ENGLISH-KONKANI Ponouncing Pocket Dictionary"
Asian educational services; New Delhi / Madras, 2001
Contact Educa books for info

Konkani Grammar
Maffei A.F.X., "Konkani Grammar"
Asian educational services; New Delhi / Madras, 2003
Contact Educa books for info
Books: Cook books

100 Easy-to-make Goan Dishes
"100 Easy-to-make Goan Dishes" by Jennifer Fernandes
Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd; New Delhi, 1992-2007
I am not very enthusiastic about this book. How can a Goan cookbook lack the recipe for Fish-Curry-Rice?


GONP Gomantak Times
Like the Herald, the GT is a local Goan daily.

The Herald is a local Goan daily. It comes in handy to keep up with local news , for what's on the TV, trains, flight information, night chemist, etc.

NANP Navhind Times
Like the Herald, the NT is a local Goan daily.

Times of India
The Times of India is my favourite daily newspaper and covers the whole of India. ToI has editions for each of India's metros. In Goa you'll get the Mumbai edition or -- sometimes -- the Bangalore edition. Every Friday the Mumbai edition has a Goa-supplement. The Times is available at the better magazine stands and some bookshops, for example Shingal's bookshop across the Panjim church.

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