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Basic Physical Map of Goa

Basic Physical Map

In the east, Goa touches the Western Ghats of India. The Western Ghats are a hill and mountain range running from the very south of Gujarat, trough the west of Maharashtra, the east of Goa and the west of Karnataka into Tamil Nadu (west) and Kerela (east). To the west of the Western Ghats is the Konkan, the coastal strip bordering the Arabian Sea. Two major rivers, the Mandovi and the Zuari flow from the ghats in the east to the Arabian sea in the west. Smaller rivers that also have Arabian Sea estuaries the Taracol, Charpora, Sal, Talpona and Galgibaga rivers. East of Panjim the Mandovi river and its tributaries have a delta-like character as the water ways flow to low lying area and the waterways fringe five river islands.


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